How does carol ann duffy portray relationships in the poem valentine

Both poems are in the second person - addressed by the poet to a lover, giving the feel of a love-letter, as if we're invited to an intimate space both take relationships as their topic in 'valentine', the literal topic seems to be a gift of 'an onion', which is a symbol for love, whereas in 'quickdraw', the literal topic is. Carol ann duffy is scotland's most famous contemporary female poet she is the uk's poet laureate and is the first female to ever have held this distinguished position she is the uk's poet laureate and is the first female to ever have held this distinguished position. How carol ann duffy explores relationships in 'valentine' and 'before you were mine' the way carol ann duffy explores relationships in her poems is a rich subject for comparison, as each poem puts an interesting spin on the way she, as the narrative voice, reacts to the people around her.

On may 1st 2009, carol ann duffy became the uk's twentieth poet laureate she is one of britain's best known and most admired poets her poems appeal to those who wouldn't usually read poetry and they appear on the national curriculum. Carol ann duffy's 'valentine' ultimately depicts a highly cynical attitude towards love and conventional gestures of affection the poem uses traditional images of valentine as a starting point, before showing how an onion is much more true to the nature of love. Havisham is a poem written in 1998 by carol ann duffy it responds to charles dickens' character miss havisham from his novel great expectations, looking at havisham's mental and physical state many decades after being left standing at the altar, when the bride-to-be is in her old age. Carol ann duffy poems: back to poems page: valentine by carol ann duffy not a red rose or a satin heart i give you an onion it is a moon wrapped in brown paper.

A new poem by carol ann duffy near (for nd) far, we are near, meet in the rain i also admire when we two parted in silence and tears but i guess these aren't very good for st valentine. Both of the poems use domestic objects to portray love valentine uses an extended metaphor of a domestic onion to express love i give you an onion in the poem cozy apologia dove states that she could pick anything and think of you (referring to her husband) their love is further. The first woman poet laureate of the united kingdom, carol ann duff is a much-admired, award-winning female poet many of her poems are part of the british school and university curriculum and she has established herself as one of the most significant literary figures in the genre of contemporary british poetry. Mistress by andrew marvell and valentine by carol ann duffy for this assignment, i have chosen to analyse two contrasting poems the first poem is to his coy mistress which was written in1650 by the english poet andrew marvell, and it is surprising how modern the subject matter is.

I am doing this poem carol ann duffy- 'valentine' eg(enjambment in capitals) i give you an onion it is a moon wrapped in brown paper it promises light like the carefull undressing of love. Carol ann duffy has often spoken about poetry as an everyday event and not as a special occasion she wants us to enjoy poetry, to have as much as we like, to be able to help ourselves to a good. Here are 3 poems by carol ann duffy about unusual relationships the first is between a crow and a scarecrow the second between fire and ice and the third between a girl and a tree. The poem, on the surface, is about the giving of an unusual present for valentine's day, but it is really an exploration of love and the nature of relationships between two people the poem is universal: it could be any. Valentine (1993) carol ann duffy (1955 -) notes valentine: oxford dictionaries a card sent, often anonymously, on st valentine's day, 14 february, to a person one loves or is attracted to.

How does carol ann duffy use language and imagery to explore love throughout the poem 'valentine' love is explored in different ways for example in the first stanza 'careful undressing of love' has various meanings, one being the comparison of the onion which is supposed to mirror her heart, the core of her love to get to her heart you have to take time to remove each layer of. Carol ann duffy was born to a roman catholic family in the gorbals, a poor part of glasgow she was the first child of frank duffy, an electrical fitter, and mary black [6] the couple went on to have another four children, all boys. Carol ann duffy was born in the gorbals of glasgow in 1955 her mother's parents and her father's grandparents were irish she has four brothers (to whom her new book is dedicated) and she is the. Carol ann duffy talks of an unorthodox love in her poem valentine, where she compares love to an onion the narrator finds that gift givers portray love incorrectly when she mentions typical valentine's day gifts. Carol ann duffy is one of britain's most famous poets she was born in glasgow and raised in england from the age of seven, where, even from a young age, she showed a great command of poetic skills.

How does carol ann duffy portray relationships in the poem valentine

How does duffy powerfully portray family relationships in either efore you were mine or rothers 7 explore how duffy presents transition and change in either in mrs tilscher's lass or nostalgia. Both poets philip larkin and carol ann duffy write about relationships using different language techniques, they can show how they portray their feelings towards them the poems i have chosen to show this are valentine and disgrace by duffy and self's the man and talking in bed by larkin. Contrast duffy's presentation of relationships between men and women in 'little red cap' and 'anne hathaway' duffy's presentations of heterosexual relationships in little red cap and anne hathaway are very different this is due to anne hathaway being written in the form of a traditional love poem.

  • Carol ann duffy uses an extended metaphor effectively throughout the poem she uses an onion as a symbol of love right from the beginning duffy rejects the traditional presents given for valentine's day straight away to show she does not approve of the usual gifts and believes love means more than the superficial presents normally given.
  • Discussing valentine and i wouldn't thank you for a valentine discussing valentine and i wouldn't thank you for a valentine for this poetry assignment i will be discussing the poems valentine by carol ann duffy and i wouldn't thank you for a valentine by liz lochhead.

Valentine by carol ann duffy is an irregular poem with a direct tone the language is very simple and gets straight to the point the title suggests love as valentines day is a day to celebrate love on the 14th of february 'not a red rose or a satin heart, i give you an onion', the reader is immediately taken back by the randomness and. Carol ann duffy (born 1955) is a scottish poet, and is currently the uk's first female (and first scottish) poet laureate [poet laureate: a poet officially appointed by the government of a. Context- carol ann duffy after being considered and passed over for the role under tony blair's government, duffy succeeded andrew motion as the uk's twentieth poet laureate on 1 may 2009, and is the first womoan to hold the post. How does carol ann duffy portray relationships in the poem valentine valentine is a controversial love poem written by carol ann duffythroughout the poem the poetess compares love to an onion and she does that by using a variety of techniques such as imagery, symbolism, word choice and structure.

how does carol ann duffy portray relationships in the poem valentine Poet, playwright and freelance writer carol ann duffy was born on 23 december 1955 in glasgow and read philosophy at liverpool university she is a former editor of the poetry magazine ambit and is a regular reviewer and broadcaster she moved from london to manchester in 1996 and began to lecture.
How does carol ann duffy portray relationships in the poem valentine
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